Recovery Console iso file–you asked for it

February 19, 2012 in Windows XP by Gerry Frawley

It’s been almost 10 years now, but I still get people asking for this file, a windows xp recovery console as a CD image.

It’s not much use on modern computers with sata drives as it does not include the drivers for such devices, but people all over the world download this thing daily through copied links. You can google rc.iso and see links to my website from hundreds of countries.

It’s just a simple windows disk with all the good stuff removed so people who received computers without installation disks can recover their computer, but is apparently it is still in high demand if the server logs are any indication.

I’ve gotten calls from people in New York, Pittsburg, Texas, Florida….and those are just the phone calls.

I guess they are right, once it is on the internet, it’s there forever.

the famous rc.iso file